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Learn How to Show Up Authentically, Find Your Voice, & Command the Love & Respect You Deserve! It is Time to Release Your Inner Badass!

In this 6-week Masterclass, you will unlearn the old programming and conditioning that has taught you to play small and doubt yourself. Rebecca will walk you through each step of her trademarked confidence coaching process to to help heal your self-esteem. You will learn how to stand up for yourself, believe in yourself, ask for what you want, create healthy boundaries, and stop being a people pleaser. This is a life-changing course that will give you the confidence to go after what you want and manifest your biggest dreams!

Who Is Rebecca Lynn Pope?

Rebecca Lynn Pope is a spiritual powerhouse and healer passionate about empowering people to live abundantly. She has fought hard to overcome her struggles and darkness so that she can help to shine light into yours.

Rebecca leads and teaches what she has lived and learned from personal experience.

Professionally, Rebecca is a master life and love coach, spiritual healer, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and influencer. She creates world-class courses on life, love, business, and leadership. Rebecca also certifies professional life coaches. She currently has over 250 certified Abundant Life Coaches around the globe. In addition, Rebecca is the host of the show Marry Me Now on the OWN network.

She looks forward to personally mentoring and teaching you how to begin to get honest, get out of your own way, and start living abundantly!

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Rebecca Lynn Pope, Bestselling Author, Master Life & Love Coach, CEO of Abundant Life Path University

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The Digital Workbook

The Nice For What digital workbook is included in your Masterclass package. The workbook is broken down into modules you will receive as a download each week before class. Simply print each module to take notes during class, fill in the worksheets, complete the exercises, homework, etc. At the end of the training, you will have a complete manual. We recommend that you organize the manual into a 3-ring binder or have it bound. It is a great resource to refer back to for accountability when practicing and enforcing your new confidence and personal boundaries.

"It is time to eliminate fear and get honest with yourself. It is time to honor YOU and hold space for yourself unapologetically! It is time to find the balance between loving yourself and other people." - RLP

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This course has been a long time coming. A few years ago, I began to do videos about how being Nice Isn't Working For You, and the idea for a book and course was born. Thank you to all of you who have been patiently waiting on this content. I have never taught my proprietary confidence coaching steps publicly. I have used the steps in this course for years, working one-on-one with VIP clients to help restore confidence and heal self-esteem.

Everything I will teach you in this course I had to learn for myself through trial and error and blood, sweat, and tears! It was business that initially taught me the necessity of toughening up, believing in myself, and leading with confidence. I later learned that I had to apply the same techniques and mindset to my personal life.

I know and understand the pain of betrayal, heartbreak, and loss. The disappointment of learning that people can smile in your face while selfishly planning how to take advantage of you. The world is not fair or kind, and if you don't learn to adapt, you will continue to find yourself getting the short end of the stick.

I believe in you and your ability to mature, evolve, and learn the new life skills necessary to manifest the life you truly desire and deserve.

As your new Master Coach, I am ready to teach, guide, and mentor you into becoming a super magnet for your dreams! Are you ready to join me in this new confidence journey? Are you ready to start living abundantly?

If so, I am prepared to coach you! See you in class!

Blessings and Abundance,

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Living authentically and manifesting what you truly want begins with being honest. Honest about your feelings and thoughts.

Your Digital Masterclass Includes:

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6 Live Classrooms with RLP

This masterclass includes 6 modules to walk you through the healing process of learning to stand up for yourself, find your voice, and learn boundaries.

Includes a required reading list of books and articles

Weekly Live lessons with Rebecca

Workbook exercises, homework, & assignments

Anything is possible with God and a made-up mind

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Live Q&A to Get Answers to Your Questions

Get answers to your real-life questions directly from RLP. After each live tutorial, Rebecca will open the classroom for Q&A.

Q&A with Master Coach Rebecca Lynn Pope

Listen as students ask their questions

Ask your own questions that pertain to your life & personal situations

BONUS! Audible Affirmations

Affirmations and positive self-talk are powerful tools to help you implement your new Confident Mindset & Lifestyle. Affirmations help to:

Retrain Your Brain to Believe in Yourself

Reprogram Your Core Beliefs

Heal Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

Align with God and His View of You

And more!

Inside the Digital Masterclass with Rebecca:

Work with Rebecca inside the digital course to help shift your mindset and heal your habits.

Video & Module Lessons - Miss a Live class? No problem. All of your masterclass content will be inside your digital course. All your video lessons, along with additional resources will be located in your course platform.

Audible Affirmations to go along with each Unit Lesson & Book Section - Listen to your Affirmations on the Go!

Abundant Life Homework - Do Your Homework! Includes Coaching Assignments, Exercises, Worksheets, Writing Prompts, & Journal Pages to Help you Dig Deeper into Your Coaching Work

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How Your Digital Masterclass Works:

Class starts Wednesday, Jan. 4th! Join RLP inside your Live Classroom where she will teach & answer your questions!

Gain immediate access to your first Course Unit - Get to work right away on your reading assignments!

There are 6 Modules for a Total of 6 Weeks - You will join RLP in class Live each week.

You will have FOREVER ACCESS to all your course content including the video lessons, audio tracks, and the workbook.

Work at your own pace - go back and review each unit as needed. 24/7 access!

Have Questions? We Have Answers:


You will be taken immediately to your course enrollment page. You will also receive a confirmation email and receipt for your purchase that will also include a link to your course.


You will be billed on the credit card that you use to check out below.


Unfortunately, this course is digital so once you receive it, you own it. There are no refunds.


Yes, there are payment plans. See below in the checkout section.

Payment Plan Options:


Option #1: Pay in Full - 1 Payment of $597

Option #2: 2 payments $348.50 (Initial down payment of $348.50, final payment in 14 days)

Value $1197

For a Limited Time!

Get the NICE FOR WHAT Masterclass for Only $597!

(Special Offer, over 50% off for a limited time! Value $1197)

PLEASE NOTE: This digital masterclass is only available for a limited time. It is currently open for enrollment however, registration will close without notice. We advise you to claim your spot ASAP.

We can only hold your discount for the next 10 minutes! Lock in and claim your spot today.

See You In Class!

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After completing your payment, you will be taken directly to the enrollment link for the "Nice for What" digital course. If for any reason, the link does not come up (sometimes computer settings block this automation) you will also receive an email with your purchase confirmation and a link to the course.

Blessings and Abundance,

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