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Millionaire Coach Social Media Management Membership

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Rebecca Lynn Pope, CEO, Millionaire Coach & Abundant Life Path University, Master Life & Love Coach

It is Time to Upgrade Your Social Media Image

For years, Rebecca Lynn Pope has used her branding and digital marketing genius to make millions in her own coaching business. She has personally trained and certified over 250 Abundant Life Coaches around the world on how to develop their own highly successful professional coaching businesses. There is one common denominator that Rebecca identifies between her coaches who struggle to get clients and turn a profit vs. those who scale to six figures and monumental success...Professional Branding & Marketing!

You can be the most gifted and powerful coach who can change lives but if you don't have top-notch branding and marketing you will struggle to attract clients and get paid.

Potential clients need to feel confident investing in your coaching services. You need to look like someone who can help them successfully reach their goals. Simply put, if you want to make money you need to look like money! One of the easiest and fastest ways to accomplish this is to curate an attractive luxury brand on social media.

Put the Millionaire Coach Team to Work for You

In order to grow and scale your business, you need a team of people working for you. You need experts you can trust for branding, marketing, systems, and automation so you can focus on revenue-generating activities and your coaching clients. Are you ready to get THE LOOK that will give your future clients the confidence and trust to pull the trigger? Are you ready to take your professional coaching social media image to the next level? Put Rebecca's Millionaire Coach team of graphic designers and social media management experts to work for you!

Please note: We limit how many Social Media Management Membership clients we take per month in order to maintain the highest quality of service for our Millionaire Coach clients.

"Social Media is the single most powerful and cost-efficient marketing tool that exists for entrepreneurs. You can't afford to "wing it" if you are truly committed to the success of your business."

- Rebecca Lynn Pope

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Your Millionaire Coach Luxury Social Media Management Membership Includes:

Phase 1: Visual Branding & Systems Implementation

FOR A LIMITED TIME, NO BRAND ANALYSIS FEE: Evaluate Your Brand/Brand Assets, Coaching Niche, & Style Preferences in Order to Curate Your New Content ($497 Value)

FOR A LIMITED TIME, NO DESIGN FEE: Visual Brand Curation with 6 Custom Social Media Template Designs & Highlight Button Covers ($397 Value)

Attractive Custom Images & Graphics Curated for Your Brand

Hashtag Research & 2-3 Hashtag Clusters to Gain Maximum Exposure

Set-up Scheduling Software Accounts

Implement Automation - Integration to Social Media Accounts

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Monica Lynn, Millionaire Coach VIP Client, all photos, branding, & templates by Millionaire Coach.

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Pictured above, Millionaire Coach Custom VIP Promo Template Design,"New Arrivals"

Phase 2: Monthly Content Creation & Management

Content Curation (Quotes, Tips, Stats, Affirmations, etc.) Based on Your Coaching Niche/Ideal Client

5 Instagram & Facebook posts per week for a total of 20 posts per Month

Caption Copywriting formulated to match your ideal client

Monthly Content Calendars Planned 30 Days Out

Scheduled Posting for Optimal Engagement

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Your Custom Luxury Social Media Templates & Content Creation:

We offer 12 "Types" of custom social templates to choose from. Upon enrollment, you will choose 6 of the 12 templates and the Millionaire Coach design team will go to work customizing them with your desired colors, fonts, and style. Your social media templates will then be used to create your 20 social media posts per month. Every month, the team will create posts that include quotes, stats, tips, affirmations, and more that will help to position you as an expert in your coaching niche.

Millionaire Coach Template Samples:

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"Photo Quote" Template, Customized with Client IG Account, Photo Background that matches Client Brand Colors, and a Quote that matches her coaching niche/ideal client.

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"Twitter Post" Template, Customized with Client Photo, Logo, Brand Colors, and Coaching Niche Hashtags

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"Stat Quote" Template, Customized with Client IG Account, Brand Font, and Stat that matches her coaching niche/ideal client.

Millionaire Coach IG Highlight Button Design Samples:

Your package also includes up to 4 IG Highlight Buttons designed to match your custom Social Media Templates. Buttons can be customized to your brand colors or you can default to the Millionaire Coach Classic Branding of Black and Gold.

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Please Note: Upon completion of your template and button customization, you will receive an email from the Millionaire Coach Marketing team with rough drafts of your samples. We allow up to two edit/revision requests of your templates. If we do not receive any edit requests within 24 hours of sending the email we will assume you approve of the templates and proceed to the content creation and scheduling phase of your membership. The team will go to work adding quotes and content to your templates and begin to schedule your social media for the next 30 days.

Sit back, relax, and trust the Millionaire Coach team to upgrade and manage your social media presence!

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Getting Started:

You ONLY NEED the Following to Get Started:

An Active Facebook Account

An Active Instagram Account

Examples of IG Pages, Coaches, or Influencers in Your Niche or Who Have a Brand "Look" or "Aesthetic" That You Want

Your Brand Color Palette or Desired Brand Colors with HEX Color Codes

Your Brand Typography aka Fonts

NOTE: If you do not already have branding colors or fonts that is okay. We will default to the Millionaire Coach Luxury Brand Classic Fonts & Color Palette (Serif Font-family with White, Black, and Gold Accents)

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Example of Millionaire Coach Classic Branding: White, Black, Gold

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You DO NOT Need the Following:

A Scheduling Link or Page (it is never too soon to start establishing your social media image, you can add a scheduling link as you continue to grow or officially launch your business)

A Website or Landing Page (you can work on this later or better yet, Hire Us to do it for you!)