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BAIT WEIGHT: The weight at which you feel your sexiest and most confident. When you can attract (BAIT), or catch the attention of your significant other or love interests.

BAIT WEIGHT Welcome & Story

Hello BAIT WEIGHT Babes!

Please make sure you watch the video above to learn how the BAIT WEIGHT Challenge came into existence. I have worked so hard at putting all of the content and details for this challenge together and I am so excited to share it with you! My prayer is that together we embark on a fun and sexy journey where:

I will share all of my Personal Health and Wellness Secrets, Routines, and Affirmations that I have used for years to stay sexy and confident - as well as bringing in a few of my expert friends who have helped me along the way

You Will Have a Blast Tapping Into Your Feminine Confidence & Energy

You Drop Some Pounds But More Importantly Gain the Power That Comes with Taking Control & Authority of Your Health

Your Confidence goes THROUGH THE ROOF! And the overflow of confidence begins to spread into every area of your life for prosperity & abundance

You Begin to Feel Vibrant & Full of Energy - your overall physical health and stamina improves

You Begin to Believe in Yourself, Trust Yourself, and Know Your Worth Like Never Before

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Rebecca Lynn Pope, CEO, Abundant Life Path University, Master Life & Love Coach, Host of Marry Me Now on OWN, Founder of BAIT WEIGHT

My Struggle with Weight & Body Image

I am no stranger to weight and body image struggles. When I was 13, I was diagnosed with a rare disorder called polymyositis. I became very sick, and the doctor prescribed prednisone, an anabolic steroid, which caused me to gain excessive weight in a very short period. I went from about 155 lbs (I ain't never been a skinny chick, lol!) to over 230 lbs.

I was bullied in school and shunned by so-called "friends." I went from boys liking me and being popular to people whispering and calling me "fat" behind my back. I eventually healed myself physically from the disorder; however, the psychological effects have been harder to overcome.

Over the years, I have done every diet known to man. You name it, and I have done it: The Weigh Down, Weight Watchers, intermittent fasting, water fasting, medical weight loss, diet pills, Atkins, Keto, low carb, high-protein, HCG Diet, The Lemonade Diet, a gazillion Detoxes, the Green Smoothie cleanse, on and on!

I have also invested thousands and thousands of dollars in some of the best doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and coaches who have all helped me to overcome my weight loss & mindset struggles in this area. They have all been a huge part of my success on this journey.

"No matter how much help I hired, it was only when I began to apply my spiritual knowledge and principles of discipline, self-love, grace, alignment, and mindfulness that I finally made peace with food and my body. And miraculously that is when maintaining my weight became easier along with feeling sexier and more confident."

"It is time to stop beating yourself up and feeling hopeless about your weight. It is time to take control of your physical wellbeing, love your God-given body, and feel sexy again!"

The BAIT WEIGHT Challenge Goals

Get to Know Your Body & Biology - You are unique and beautiful! Self-awareness is key to reaching any goal! It is time for you to get to know your body and to fall in love with yourself - inside and out!

Control & Consistency - No More Get Skinny Quick Schemes that don't heal your mindset or habits. It is time to create lifestyle changes so you can finally get the results you desire and maintain them. No more Fad Diets & Yo-Yo Dieting!

Healthy & Balanced Eating - There are no BAD foods. You can eat whatever you want in moderation as long as you plan for it.

Healthy Goal Setting - Your BAIT WEIGHT is probably not what you think it is! If you are 40 years old, your BAIT WEIGHT is not what you weighed in high school! You are a whole grown-ass woman now and your goals need to grow up too!

Feeling Sexy & Confident is the ultimate goal!!! When you feel sexy & confident, you dress more confident, you walk more confident, you talk more dream bigger, believe bigger, and all of that starts to manifest more abundance into your life!

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"After many years, I have finally reached a place of peace and balance when it comes to my weight. I have healed my anxiety and toxic relationship with both the scale and food. How much I weigh no longer dictates my mood for the day or my personal confidence. I no longer feel the pressure to look like anyone but my best self. I am my own goals!"

- Rebecca Lynn Pope

Your BAIT WEIGHT Challenge Includes:

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Full Length 90-Day Online E-Course with Video Lessons and Audible Affirmations

The Digital Course

Full-length instructional videos to walk you through the 90-Day Challenge step-by-step

Worksheets, Homework, Tips, Psych Tricks, Reminders, and Accountability

Weekly & Daily Scheduled Content to Keep You On Track and Intentional

Audible Affirmations to help you Reprogram Your Mind & Maximize Accountability

You will have FOREVER ACCESS to all your course content including the videos and complete workbooks

The Workbooks + Planners

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Body Basics Workbook